With the end of 2015 fast approaching, more and more of the social and search networks we use in our day to day lives are releasing a year in review.

Last week we looked at Twitter and how the world used it to react to the changes going on around us. Today it’s the turn of Facebook.

They’ve released a dedicated website for the year and included a great wrap up video as well as a deep dive into the major news events. Keep following the arrows to the right and you’ll be treated to lists of the top movies, tv shows, entertainers and more.

Take a bit of time out of your friday and give it a visit. They’ve done a great job putting it all together. You may also notice on your newsfeed that you’ve got a chance to look at your own year in review.

We’ve included the video wrap up in our post, give it a watch then jump over to the site and explore.

Stay tuned to our blog! Next week we’ll be bringing you 2015 from the view of Google and YouTube.