The Internet has created many changes when it comes to the world of business, and in some areas, these can be challenging to spot all the time if you aren’t looking for them. It can be tough to have problems that could have been easily fixed before they occurred, so look for these three simple errors that your business cannot afford to make to be sure that you are not in a potential position of failure.

Error One: 404 and Other Errors

You’re probably not a web developer but had someone create your website or used one of those services that make it easy for anyone to make a wonderful website. The problem can come into play when your website’s features are not working. Do you check your site often to make sure that everything is working as it should? Is someone assigned to check it often? If your website starts crashing or gives visitors a 404 error would you be aware of it? Don’t assume that visitors to your website are going to send you an email or message through your contact us page when things are not working right. Often, they will just skip your website and move on to your competitor’s website that is working correctly.

There may be a better chance for errors when there are several people involved with how your website operates, so don’t think that this is only for small businesses that handle their own websites.

You may be wondering what you can do to make sure that your website is always working. No, you’re not going to have to always check this yourself as there are software options, like Visibility Guard, out there that will help you find common errors like 404s or 301 redirects, meta tag errors, redirect chains, and big changes in word count of your content. This is perfect for people that are strapped for time or lost with what all this even means.

Error Two: Social Media Customer Service

In this day and age, your company is more than likely to have someone contact your company through social media to give you feedback on your service or product rather than pick up a phone and call you. In fact, JD Power states that about 67 percent of consumers are going to use an online method to contact your business. This can be wonderful when it comes to praise, but are you prepared for the complaints and the trickle down effect that can come from them?

If you don’t have a customer service person on your social media accounts, you are probably not prepared for this potentially negative impact. Complaints on social media are seen by everyone that is following or friends with the person noting their complaint online and any other person that can see what is posted to your social media. Don’t panic that you need to get rid of your social media efforts to stop people from posting complaints. Using a customer service person on your social media can actually turn your negative into a positive if handled correctly. Helping the person with the complaint may turn them into a loyal customer, although in most cases, you won’t be able to make everyone happy with your solution all of the time as there are just some who are never happy no matter what, but your customer service action will be noted by others.

Error Three: Ignoring Mobile Traffic

After Mobilegeddon, ignoring your mobile traffic is at your own peril. You may be wondering what Mobilegeddon is if you aren’t up on Google algorithm changes, and that is exactly what it was in that it changed how search engines find your sites. Those sites that are not optimised for mobile traffic were penalised for it after this new algorithm went into effect in 2015. It has been found that people are using mobile devices more than their desktops, and this trend is expected to grow. Consumers that find your website on mobile devices that have a hard time navigating your site or getting it to load correctly are probably going to skip your website for another. This means that you will be losing these potential customers. Most websites can be optimised for mobile devices rather easily if you used a web builder or you can ask for help. The key here is to get the help you need to make your website more appealing to visitors.

These errors are simple enough to fix, but not everyone is very savvy with technology or has the time to devote to ensuring that these mistakes don’t happen. Don’t let your lack of knowledge or time stop you from avoiding these errors. Get help when you need it to provide an excellent landing page to your website visitors to keep them on your page.

Are you having problems with any of these errors? You can always get in touch with us at Grow Digital Marketing to find out how we can help you solve these simple errors and help your business flourish.