As a business owner, your plate is always full. You continually look for unique ways to make your company stand out from the competition. You must be flexible enough to change creative direction quickly when the marketing industry gravitates towards a new idea.

When that happens, you must devise a new strategy for how to make your business fit inside this trend and get your team onboard with the creative changes taking place. Here are five trends in the digital marketing spectrum that will command your full creative attention.

1. Micro Moments

A micro-moment occurs when an individual picks up his smartphone with the intention of completing an activity. It can be anything from checking social media to making a purchase, reading the news headlines or responding to a text message. A Digital Trends study indicates that smartphone users check social media activity up to 17 times per day. It is a realistic indication that these micro-moments are not going away anytime soon.

Your marketing campaign needs to include a component that gets your message in front of your target audience while they are engaging in these micro-moments throughout their day. Give them a reason to abandon the current activity that made them reach for that smartphone and follow your offer instead.

2. Visual Appeal

Clients have an average attention span lasting only 8.25 seconds. That means you need to create a visual marketing campaign that prompts your target audience to take action sooner rather than later. You need to showcase the story of your product or service in a clear, concise fashion before losing your customer’s attention.

Add gifs to your email marketing campaign. Start sharing behind the scenes videos on Vine, a rapidly increasing social media channel. Post a quick message to your Instagram account and share it to other social media channels. Keep your visual messages short and sweet for the most effective responses.

3. Post-Click Marketing

Post click takes into account any action your consumer makes upon interacting with any post or content that you put online. It can be a social media post that directs them to a quiz to learn more about their personality. It can be a video that plays when a reader clicks on a link in your blog content.

Your primary focus here is providing something of value beyond what the client originally came to your website or social media page to receive. Keeping the connection going increases the level of engagement that a customer feels with your company. A higher engagement rating results in greater responsiveness to a promotional incentive you provide.

4. Be Personal

Customers like feeling a sense of value and appreciation by your company. An excellent way to make this happen is to offer digital engagement features that personalise the experience your client has on your website or social media channels.

To do this, you can prompt customers to indicate their level of interest in predetermined categories upon arriving at your site. Take those responses and feature products and services that closely match a client’s preferences. Send a client coupons and promotional offers that focus on their areas of interest. It works to add value to the client experience.

5. Spark Interaction

Your target market audience wants to engage with your marketing messages. Provide this with interactive content on your website or product store. You could send your customers on a scavenger product hunt and give a 25 percent off any product of their choice prize at the end. Prompt them to take a quiz to uncover their personal shopping style or share their opinion through a survey asking what to name your next product. Whatever it may be, be creative and think outside the box!

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