Does your business have an online presence? It takes more than just a website to gain notoriety on the internet. Online marketing is an excellent way to gain more exposure for your brand, acquire new clients, and boost your online conversions. What does this mean? Ultimately, through online marketing, you can grow your company’s clientele base, gain a larger clientele base, and in turn, generate more revenue.

Nearly 94% of all consumers worldwide research prospective products online before buying, according to Google’s Small Business Online Marketing Guide. So, it’s important to have a healthy online presence to acquire 94% of the consuming population of the world. Online marketing targets your online audience and establishes your company as a trusted online resource.

How is your internet presence? Here are five types of online marketing strategies to gain more web traffic and higher conversion rates (and earn more money!):

1. Manage Your Social Media
Social media management is imperative when it comes to online marketing. When your company utilises social media, you are engaging potential customers, and connecting with your audience. In 2015, social media commerce revenue totalled $30 billion dollars in the United States alone. That’s a lot of revenue to be missing out on! Also, people who actively manage and engage with people via social media gain more loyalty and feedback from their target audience.

Action: Get Grow Digital Marketing to create your Facebook Page and manage social posting for you. We’ve got a number of packages to suit all budgets. This will get people engaged with your brand. All you’ll need to do is listen to your audience, and familiarise yourself with social media so that you can interact with them at a one-on-one level.

2. Start (And Maintain) A Blog
According to Google, one of the best online marketing techniques for establishing your web presence is starting and maintaining a blog. Blog posts are designed to show your audience that your business is experienced and knowledgeable in its particular field. Additionally, blog articles are small, shareable articles that are perfect for social media, and link back to your company’s website. Each blog post is another link back to your company’s website, directing more traffic back to your web page.

Action: Create a blog and write relevant, knowledgeable articles on your company and your company’s industry, then share the articles on your company’s website. This will also give the Grpw Digital Marketing social team great content to work with when managing your social posting.

3. Email Marketing
Continue to build customer loyalty and boost sales with email marketing. This simple technique sends an email out to your given list of clients and engages them in either a sale, coupon, or new product for sale. That email directly links back to a landing page on your website. Email marketing is simple, yet effective. Small businesses can use free email marketing applications like MailChimp to create professional online marketing campaigns.

Action: Set up a Newsletter for your business, and send out periodical email marketing campaigns to retain existing customers. This sounds like a given, but you’ll be surprised how many businesses are missing opportunities by not using this simple technique.

4. Create A Banner Ad
Banner ads are advertisements that run at the top or the side of a website. When a customer on a page clicks on your banner, they are redirected to your website. Banner ads are fantastic tools once you’ve established your target audience and your demographic. Much like published advertisements, you wouldn’t want to put a banner for Vegan Cuisine on a Hunting and Game website. An attention-grabbing graphic and a little bit of copy goes a long way. This is also a great way to keep your brand and website top of mind by starting a re-marketing campaign aimed at display.

Action: Talk to Grow Digital Marketing about organising a banner ad space as it could greatly improve your next campaign.

5. Paid Online Advertising
Advertising and Marketing go hand-in-hand, so we believe it’s important to address Google Adwords, PPC, and Facebook Paid advertisements. Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, is a type of payment system, based on how many times your advertisement is clicked on. Both Google Adwords and Facebook implement PPC advertisements. This is where you Banner Ad comes in handy. PPC advertising marks your target demographic and shows your ad specifically to potential customers. Your company will only pay for a number of clicks your advertisement receives (not based on exposure).

Action: Establish a budget for online advertising. Google recommends spending about 3-10% of your monthly sales on online advertising. Once you’ve done this talk to Grow Digital Marketing and let us help you set up an advertising campaign designed for success.

If this all sounds good but you’re unsure of where to start? Get in touch with the team at Grow Digital Marketing to see how you can get started and grow your company’s net worth today!