Remarketing is known as a really effective advertising strategy, thanks to its ways of targeting website visitors that didn’t stick around. Remarketing ads can be done through multiple ad platforms and there are many strategies that can be used to increase its benefits.

Here are five ways that you can remarket that are definitely worth implementing right away.

1. Cross Channel Advertising.

Developing a great brand is definitely one of the most important things you can do to boost sales. People enjoy buying from brands that they recognise and have some a few times during their online browsing.

Cross-channel advertising allows companies to shorten the time used towards becoming a known brand by displaying ads on many platforms to website visitors who didn’t stick around.

For example, if a user visits a website after clicking on a specific ad on Google, then the cross-channel advertising theory would say to advertise to the same user when he logs into Facebook and other social media platforms.

2. Take Advantage of Google Analytics.

This is a great tool for companies that are looking to begin creating a remarketing strategy. It allows user lists based on their behaviours on the website. For example, Google Analytics allows the creation of lists based on time on site, exit pages, page views, goals achieved, and much more.

3. Use Remarketing for Search.

Remarketing for search allows companies to target people that previously visited their website. Business can select broader keywords for a remarketing for search campaign.

Google has mentioned that based on studies they are running, remarketing for search has proven to be a really effective campaign for businesses in terms of cost.

4. Remarketing for eCommerce Business.

Business with thousands of products might find it difficult to create a banner for each of their products. Google and Facebook offer the opportunity to create ads, and they work really well!

Google allows people to use their templates for dynamic remarketing ads, but that have said they are currently designing a system to allow advertisers to upload their custom dynamic banners.

5. Remarket on YouTube.

YouTube ads are created and managed using Google AdWords. That means they can use audiences that are available with AdWords, including ones created in Google Analytics.

YouTube encourages both video and banner advertising. Video ads are highly likely to generate branding and visibility but it doesn’t add that many clicks to a website. But, banner ads generate clicks, although they have less branding.

If all this sounds a bit confusing or you can’t find the time to get it going, get in touch with the experts at Grow Digital Marketing and find out how we can help you.