Maybe you’ve owned a small business for years or you’re just starting. I bet there’s a recurring thought that you’ve had before, it’s one almost every business owners has. What can I do to get my business out there? and where can I start?

Traditional marketing and advertising methods can be expensive and hard to prove ROI (return on investment). But with all the advances that have happened to the world of online, it’s never been a better time to advertise your business digitally.

With people turning to online to find the information they need, making sure you have an up to date website that reflects your brands and conveys your message is vitally important. It may be the first impression your business gives potential customers. And with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram having 1.65 billion and 500 million monthly active users respectively, having a presence on these networks can help generate potential customers. By putting yourself in front of people where they spend a ton of their time you’re going to get engagement. Using digital shouldn’t be passed up or cast aside, the returns can be directly responsible for creating that business you’ve always dreamed of. Well, at the very least the provider of funds to make it a reality.

The team over at Grow With Trellis put together an infographic detailing 5 of the ways you can promote your small business. Check it out, it could what you’re been looking for!

I can tell you’ve I’ve taken a sneak peak ahead and it is packed with great information and all the ideas are solid but if you’re looking for a way to achieve these with the least amount of time and effort required on your part – Grow Digital Marketing can do it all for you. Take a look, give it a read and then get in touch. You’ll be pleased you did.

What did I tell you. Great ideas! Now get the experts here at Grow Digital Marketing to take care of it for you.