Your landing page is the face of your website, and therefore your brand.  It instantly conveys the message that your product or service is valuable and needed and that your business is professional and trustworthy.  That means that your landing page is the single most important factor in converting clicks into customers.  Everyone has a website nowadays, but what is it that sets a great landing page apart from an average one?  There are six common landing page mistakes that businesses tend to make on their landing page that you will want to avoid.  Let’s take a look at them one at a time:

1) Speed 
When a potential customer clicks on a link to your site, they are in action mode.  It is critical at this point that your landing page loads quickly.  Pages that are slow to load are also slow to convert because customers expect to see your message immediately.  If you can’t get your offer in front of your clients, they aren’t likely to buy.  A good rule of thumb is one to three seconds.  Any load times longer than that are asking potential customers to click on something else.  Google has a tool you can use to check your page loading speeds if you’re unsure.  A fast landing page is an effective landing page.

2) Offer
When someone visits your landing page, they should immediately be drawn to a clear call to action.  Present your offer in the centre of the page.  Don’t make visitors scroll down or search for what you want them to do because they won’t.  They’ll back out of your page and find what they need elsewhere.  Keep it straightforward and easy to understand.  

3) Avoid clutter
Think of your landing page like a room in your home.  Before you host visitors in your home, you always clean up the mess.  Your landing page is no different.  When visitors see your page, it should be neat and orderly.  Too many links, other offers, or marketing materials can distract visitors from the message you want them to see.  Keep your page sharp, clean, and simple.  Guests should focus all of their attention on what you have to offer them.

4) Proof
Always provide proof that you can deliver what you promise.  Testimonials and reviews from past customers are an excellent way to show that you are trustworthy.  Here are the four steps that quality landing pages use to deliver their message:

  • Business name and product
  • Product and benefits
  • Simple instructions to get it
  • Proof that we will deliver

Simply ask a satisfied customer to write a brief testimonial about their experience with your business.  This will help to ease any feelings of uncertainty about the new business relationship.

5) Software
This one may seem obvious, but this is an area that is also critical.  Make sure your software works.  If a customer accepts your offer and follows your call to action, it needs to function properly.  Links should work every time, and purchases simply have to go through.  If you have problems in this stage of the transaction, it can have dire consequences.  These days, angry customers post negative reviews around two-thirds of the time.  Your business can quickly gain a bad reputation, and sales will reflect that.  MAKE SURE IT WORKS!

6) Second offer
If a visitor doesn’t accept your first offer, make sure you offer again.  When they try to leave your site, take the opportunity to offer them product updates, a newsletter, or bring them to a second landing page that delivers the same offer in a different way.  This takes some tact, as you don’t want to come off as pushy or aggressive.  Keep the tone positive.  Remember that you have a product or service that they identified as a need, which you may be able to meet at a later date.  Don’t overdo it and push away business, but don’t let them easily go away.

The landing page on your business website is a critical part of your success.  Avoid making these six common mistakes on your landing page.  Make sure that your loading time is short, your call to action is clear, the page is uncluttered, supply proof that your business is trustworthy, make sure the software works, and make a second offer.  If you follow these practical tips, your landing page is much more likely to convert the curious into customers.  If you are having trouble getting your landing page up to speed, contact the team at Grow Digital Marketing today, and see how they can help you.