If you’ve made the decision in the past to invest in your business by building an independent website, then congratulations. You’ve taken one of the most important steps as a business owner in today’s modern economy by unlocking your company’s potential with a stand alone website. However, just like with all advertising and marketing costs, you won’t be able to get away with paying for a website once and leaving it at that.

If you want to get the most out of your website, it’s necessary to update your investment from time to time to make sure you are working with relevant technology. That means that eventually, even if you have already designed a site for your business, it’s a smart idea to invest in a whole new website. Here are six signs that it is time for a new website.

1. You’re Not Mobile Friendly
In 2015, one of the biggest trends in technology was the total shift towards mobile web access. Google has recently updated their search engine metrics to reward sites that have full mobile compatibility, meaning you can get a big SEO bump by updating your site with mobile users in mind. Plus, mobile search results are making up a higher and higher percentage of total web use, meaning that your site is going to be getting viewed by more and more mobile users every year.

2. Your Site is Already Three Years Old
You don’t need to update your site every year, but “three” seems to be the magical number. If you’ve gone three years without updating your web presence, it’s probably time to do an overhaul. For one, technology has changed so much in three years that your website can look a whole lot better and function a lot more efficiently after a big update. You’ve probably learned a lot in three years as well, and can approach your website’s creation with a new level of creativity and professionalism.

3. Your Website is Not on a User-Friendly CMS
If you still need to contact your web department every time you want to post content on your site, you are doing it all wrong. One of the most powerful developments in democratizing web marketing recently is that now, anyone can manage their own content through a user-friendly Content Management System. These platforms make it easy to publish and promote original content and marketing materials. WordPress is a prime example of a content management system that is easy to use and allows you to take control of some of the micro-management elements of your site.

4. Your Current Website Design is Tired and Dated
If you find yourself cringing after looking over your old website, don’t worry. Don’t be too sorry about the mistakes of your past, and remember that the technology and design theme that looked fresh and innovative a few years ago probably just hasn’t aged well. If your website simply looks and feels obsolete and dated, it’s crucially important to perform an overhaul as soon as possible. If you are having a bored reaction, chances are your potential customers are as well.

5. You Don’t Have a Website Yet
For years now, developing a strong stand alone website has been one of the most important tools that business owners have at their disposal to market their companies. But if you haven’t jumped aboard the trend yet, don’t feel too guilty. Instead, realize that it isn’t “too late,” and having a perfect website late can actually be a lot better than having a poor website early. Use your lack of a site as an opportunity to build something new and effective from scratch, and get to work!

6. You Aren’t Blogging
From a marketing perspective, the number one reason that you develop an independent site for your business is to bring more potential customers into contact with the services you offer. But if you aren’t blogging on your current site, you are missing out on one of the most straightforward and powerful ways to promote your business through the internet. By creating blog content, you help your website rank higher in Google search results for keywords important to your industry. Which means that with a simple blog, you could bring thousands of new eyes in your direction. If you don’t already have a strong blog integrated into your site, redesigning your web presence to include blogging is a no-brainer.

Concluding Thoughts
A good website can be a “make or break” tool that completely transforms the way you do business. But a bad, dated website can make you look unprofessional, and can actually be a net weakness overall.

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