Marketing solutions abound and can leave business owners waffling as to the most successful approach to reaching people. With technological advance, the power of social media cannot be denied. Harnessing this power through advertising is a must for today’s companies with a future vision.

Facebook holds tight to its reign as king of social media. Maintaining the largest user base of any social media platform, Facebook draws over 1.59 billion active users. Daily 1.04 billion people log onto Facebook. Both numbers significantly increase year over year, and neither looks to slow down.

Is there any question why the majority of marketers choose this social media giant for advertising? In fact, 42 percent of marketers indicate Facebook is critical or important to their business, according to the State of Inbound Marketing 2012. So if you are even a bit intrigued by the magnitude of this platform, let’s consider nine smart reasons you need to be using Facebook ads now.

1. The Numbers Speak
Does any other platform exist that allows a company to reach potentially over a billion people per day? According to ALLFacebook 2012, five new Facebook profiles are created per second. And, Like and Share buttons are seen across almost ten million websites daily. In case the obvious requires pointing out, this is a marketer’s dream.

In addition to the sheer number of users and therefore potential customers, social media users spend 28 percent of their daily time online and average 20 minutes per Facebook login. Using Facebook correctly to attract and engage users in this window positions your company for growth and success.

2. Easy Ad Management
While admittedly a learning curve exists, Facebook tools assist users in quickly creating and easily managing ads. A little time spent up front familiarising yourself with the technology reaps benefits for your business.

3. Tracking
Facebook Insights provides tools to understand the engagement of people with your page and your ads. Metrics to be tracked include page performance, engagement, audience demographic, impressions, reach and more. These are valuable tools to support your Facebook marketing strategy. Insights quickly provide data that frequently require multiple people and time to gather. The quick turnaround of data means faster implementation and results for your company.

4. Targeting
Ever wonder how Facebook identifies all those people you might know? Harnessing this targeting power for your business is a win. Location, age, gender, interests, behaviour and connections are all means of targeting users through Facebook. This data allows your marketing department to place ads strategically in front of specific and motivated audiences. Also, customised ads can be created to speak to different segments of your target.

5. Reads Your Audience
Facebook data further allows you to create look-alike audiences. These groups mimic your customer base and enable you to reach new people with increased potential for sales. The research tools weave into the fabric of Facebook. With wisdom, your company can use them to fine tune with precision your target marketing.

6. Creative Control
Oh, the freedom of control! It is intoxicating. And, in this case, beneficial. With flexibility and less work going into ad generation, Facebook allows for new creative ad displays and reduces ad fatigue. Weekly changes are realistic. Also, as social media tools further define target audiences and what marketing methods are working, advertisements can be adjusted accordingly with relative ease.

7. Video Reach
For the visually minded user, video ads engage. Unlike traditional video ad options such as television marketing, Facebook tools again read what a customer likes and dislikes. This advertising feature increases the reach of your video ad. Facebook continues to refine this feature.

8. Mobile Reach
Mobile usage surpassed desktop usage in 2014 according to the U.S. Mobile App Report. This fact makes mobile advertising even more intriguing. By the end of 2015, Facebook reached on average 934 million mobile daily active users. Together these statistics speak boldly of marketing benefits in the mobile sector.

Features of this social media giant take advantage of the lead in ways traditional marketing does not. Facebook Call Buttons capture leads as mobile users click on the Call Now button. Call Buttons simplify the process of conversion, and every potential customer is logged, not just some of them.

9. Converts Visitors to Customers
Facebook advertising is not just flashy numbers of views and traffic. Converting visitors to leads and then to customers remains the ultimate goal. After all, isn’t this what marketing is about? Facebook allows you to tag visitors and begin to build a remarketing audience. The remarketing power of Facebook grows your reach and your business when actively engaged.

The tools of this social media king enable your business to create a smarter, precisely targeted, creative marketing strategy. Facebook advertising provides an intelligent platform to engage the current culture and increase your company’s brand awareness, sales and therefore, success. Any reason not to give Facebook ads a try?

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