On my trip to the states last year, I had a 4 night stay in Los Angeles before I flew home to Auckland. Now, with me being on a tight budget, I didn’t particularly want to spend a huge amount of change on staying in a hotel. So what did I do? I turned to Airbnb. I’d had great success in using the house sharing app before in cities like Boston and New York, now I was hoping to continue the trend in the City of Angels. During my 4 night stay in the heart of Venice beach I was taken back by the level of hospitality I received from my host. This was someone who clearly didn’t mind opening his home to complete strangers and enjoyed showing what his home town had to offer, but I’m more than sure that the extra cash helping with the rent was also very enticing.

But as I sat in my Uber which was taking me from what felt like my new found home to LAX, I couldn’t help but think why would someone do this? Letting strangers into their homes and seeing things that are normally kept private to the rest of the world? Where was this trust coming from? With over 123 million hosted nights (and counting), that’s a lot of trust going around.

Well thankfully Joe Gebbia, co-founder and CPO of Airbnb, decided to join TED earlier this year and explain the origins of Airbnb and how he bet his whole company on the belief that people can trust each other through the use of good design.

Check out his interesting talk below.

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