For many businesses, their website is their lifeblood. They depend on having a fully optimised website to bring in business and kudos to them for doing so. It’s all well and great optimising it once and leaving it, but it needs to be something that you maintain regularly, or it’s a waste of time.

But why? Well, because your website is the online face of your business and making sure that it is always optimised will make for a better experience for your customers. Having an awful site can leave a bad taste in your potential customer’s mouth. Many things can have an impact on your web page, including the design, layout, the copy, imagery and placement of different elements can all boost you up the rankings of a search engine.

The only thing is that website optimisation can often feel complicated and overwhelming for someone who is not a web developer or is not familiar with SEO.

To help you out, we’ve discovered this great infographic from the team over at SuperPayroll, on what you can do to help get the ball rolling with optimising your website.

We now it’s a difficult task, it’s confusing and also hard to find the time to do. So if you’re in need of some help with optimising your website, get in touch with the web experts at Grow Digital Marketing. We’ll show you how we can help get your website up to scratch in no time.