Over sixty percent of all internet users access websites from their phone. For this reason, search engines like Google rank mobile friendly sites much higher than non-mobile friendly sites. To optimise the performance of your website, it is critical that it be mobile friendly.  Many businesses pay others to design a website for them.  They think that their website is mobile friendly, but they really don’t know for sure.  Why should you make sure that your website is mobile friendly?  There are many reasons:

Clean Design

Mobile friendly sites are cleaner by nature.  They tend not to have the banners, ads and pop-ups that make traditional websites more chaotic and distracting.  A mobile friendly site performs better for desktop users in addition to mobile ones.

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile friendly sites get higher rankings in search engines.  If your site doesn’t come up in search results, your traffic numbers will suffer.  Making sure your site is mobile friendly will ensure that users can find you.

Better User Experience

Mobile friendly sites are easy to navigate and load fast.  This creates a better experience for visitors to your site.  Visitors appreciate a website that doesn’t force them to resize the screen in order to read it.  Ease of use encourages users to bookmark your site to access the useful information provided in the future, creating return visitors.

Increased Sales

Better search engine performance and ease of use will drive up your traffic numbers for both new and return users.  This translates into increased sales, which is why you created a website in the first place.

If you have a website and you’re not sure if it is mobile friendly, you can check it out with Google’s free tool.

Google Mobile Test – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

In order to maximise the performance of any website, owners should be sure that their site is mobile friendly.  Even companies who pay a fortune for website design are often unsure of their website’s mobile capabilities.  Search Engine Optimization and user satisfaction rise dramatically with a mobile friendly design.  If you’re a website owner who still isn’t sure if your site is mobile friendly, contact the professionals at Grow Digital Marketing and see how they can help you today.