When it comes to the user experience of a website, generally there’s a lot of emphasis and time put into the interface, or the way it looks.

This is great. We live in a visual world and first impressions are super important. The giant elephant though. Speed.

Sure it looks amazing and is filled with beautiful images, videos and stacks of original content. But as a result of the changing way in which people live and consume information, our attention span isn’t what it used to be.

In an infographic produced by the team at Soasta.com, you’ll see just exactly why this elephant should be called Sir and given the royal treatment.

Some of the callouts from the graphic highlight that regardless of the device we use to access the internet, we remain impatient. Also a whopping 46% of people who have a bad experience on a website whilst using a mobile device will never return to it!

Take a few minutes to have a good read of the infographic, you’ll be a better person for having done so. Then get in touch with us. Our Competitor Report compares, amongst other things, the speed of your website with that of your competitors.

If you’ve already got the report, go back and have a good look at it. Where are you sitting amongst your competitors? More importantly, what is your percentage score? If you’re at the top of the pile but your score is red or amber, it’s not good news. It just means you’re the best of a bad bunch.

We’ve got the expertise to help get this fixed for you.