So, you have a new opening in your team. No matter what work you do, this can cause a lot of issues in your workflow and productivity output. You will want to ensure that you hire the best person to fill that new void. With so many qualified people looking for work, though, how do you go about making sure that you do hire the perfect person to fill in on your team?

1. Analyse and Idealize

Go over the open position’s requirements to determine what you think you need. But also, figure out what exactly that absent team member brought to the team. They likely did much more beyond what their simple job description entailed. Figure out exactly what it is you are looking for so that you know before going into the interviewing process what your team really needs. And consider the candidate as well; will this candidate stay and advance well through your company? Did you ever have unsuccessful employees on the team who you thought might have been a good fit, but turned out not to be? What can you learn from those individuals? Consider a pre-interview screening test. There are many test generators available online for a very low cost. Or make up your own questions as part of the pre-interview process to really narrow down the applicant pool.

2. Assess and Get to Know Your Candidate

To really get to know your candidate you should begin your interview with informal conversation, such as asking them about themselves, what they enjoying doing or what television show is their favourite, etc. This will help them to relax and respond much more naturally to your questions. Make sure that you remain engaged in the conversation. While it is good to let the candidate do a lot of the talking, you don’t want them to feel as if they are monologuing at you. They may begin to panic, thinking perhaps you’re just too polite to stop them from talking about their hobbies, even if you are the one who asked if they had any. Try restating their statements, nodding, smiling, naturally reacting, and asking questions to keep yourself engaged.

3. It’s all in the Questions

What are you going to ask potential candidates? You will need appropriate and precise questions to help determine a candidate’s skills, personality, and work ethic, among other things. One interview favourite: “Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer/client. How did you handle the person and the situation?” Or, the best, and most frustrating for most candidates, “Why should I hire you?” If they have done their homework on the position and your company and values, they should be able to smoothly and succinctly answer this particularly difficult question.