Is you business on Instagram? The evidence that it is the fastest growing social network is in no way a secret. In fact, Instagram grew at roughly eight times the rate of parent company Facebook last year alone. Here are some reasons why you need to be marketing on Instagram right now:

Population and Demographics

In terms of spending power and demographics, over 90% of the 500 million monthly users on Instagram are under the age of 35. Over half their users access the site every day, and most brands are currently posting 5.5 times per week on average. What this means to your business is that the potential for ROI from Instagram users is much higher than average, which likely explains why 25% of the current Fortune 500 list member have an Instagram presence.

Level Playing Field

One of the greatest misconceptions about Instagram is that you need a suitcase full of cash with plenty more to come in order to advertise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone with a smartphone camera and a can-do attitude can use Instagram to have an impact on social media and reach thousands of people every day.

Know Your Target Market

Like other social media, Instagram offers the opportunity to connect with users whose interests align with the products and services your company provides. Furthermore, smart marketers can also follow their users and see what other products and services they follow to figure out how to better shape their content to appeal to more users.

Customer Loyalty

A key advantage the social media platform offers over other social networks is the ability to share behind-the-scenes looks at what goes on every day with your business. Capitalise on this, and give your followers a window into the world of your office or creative space. Everyone loves to feel as though they have inside knowledge of a business or product, and welcoming followers into your day to day creates a strong sense of affinity and loyalty with your business.


In sales, the process of transference occurs when a customer can visualise themselves owning or using a product. Instagram is used to launch products every day with the idea of transference in mind. Raw footage and photography of people using their products or services has become a positive trend in advertising and marketing thanks to networks like Instagram. Anyone can take advantage of this platform with just a little time and a smartphone.

As you can see, Instagram offers numerous benefits and opportunities for even the smallest business to have a powerful impact in any market. Get a free account today, and become a part of the growth that Instagram is creating for marketing and businesses everywhere.

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