No matter the size or scale of your business, branding matters. Consistency in what your potential clientele see, hear, and react to online and via other sources of media is essential to building your business and staying competitive in your field. However, establishing that branding consistency when it comes to your business image has its pitfalls, and it is wise when developing your brand to avoid these common mistakes.

Shifting Cross-Platform Identities

When you have a specific image you want to project to your target market, you need to pay special attention to keeping all your social media profiles identical regardless of what social network to which they are posted. Making sure all your information is instantly recognisable should be your key focus.

Low Quality or Lack of Imagery

Acquiring images to use in your digital business footprint can be costly, but it is always money well spent. Bear in mind that the most vital aspect of your brand imagery is drawing out the rational and emotional elements you want to be associated with all materials used to create your brand.

Failing to Track Metrics

Not tracking your marketing results and how they are helping you work towards your goals for your marketing plan means you don’t know if your brand is working. Check your analytics as often as you can to measure your impact and success.

Not Seeking Customer Feedback

Start working that email list for every survey result you can, and get customer opinions on what they like and dislike about your brand using images, your tagline, and or other informative collateral that impacts their shopping choices or process.

Failing to Rotate Marketing Resources

Keep your content fresh and update all materials at least once per year. Staying on message and maintaining consistency is important, but keeping things current and up to date with what’s new and changing at your company is just as important.

Misunderstanding your Core Products and Services

When your marketing team doesn’t understand what you make or what you do, it is hard to create and repeat the consistent message that will be the foundation of your brand. Think in terms of what your product or service actually does for consumers and go from there.

Unrealistic Taglines

Be accurate, succinct, and memorable. Think Nike in the 90s: “Just Do It”.

Missing The Source Your Own Success

It is vital to be confident and assured of success regarding your business, your products and services, and your staff. Without this core belief in your own victory, you will not be able to create a successful brand that drives your business.

All in all, branding matters most when it comes to competition and long term success. When you are conscious and purposeful about building your brand, you are future-proofing your business against potential bad PR or isolated, vocal dissatisfied customers. Stay on top of your brand, keep it current, and stay the course. Success is sure to follow.

If you need help creating a consistent brand across your business, contact the team at Grow Digital Marketing to find out how we can help you achieve this.