Content marketing has always been and continues to be the basis for online digital marketing success. This concept is not new. In fact, it is the origin of the common statement, Content is King. However, many of the tactics that are employed with digital content marketing are not original; some of them are older than the Internet. Without even thinking about it, when people have wanted information about something, they turned to content and acted accordingly.

Today, content marketing is important for a variety of reasons, as it is the basis for the following tasks:

  • Getting people to get people to visit your website
  • It is the basis for how people perceive you online.
  • Teaching your audience about issues that are important to you and them.
  • Turning visitors into customers  

Digital Search Content

When you are trying to attract visitors to your website, your content needs to be attractive to search engines. The best way to accomplish this task is to create unique and high-quality content. The more of this type of content you have, the more all of your content will get picked up by the search engines and become noticeable by people who use search engines.

Social Media Content

Every meme, image, video, status update or other text you add to your social media sites is content. So, regardless of what you post on social media, it has an impact. Some types of social media content you can create include

  • Blogs – Posting blogs regularly help visitors find your website
  • Newsletters- Send these via email to keep subscribers active and engaged
  • Magazines – Online magazines help to inform your audience and offer you a marketing outlet
  • Podcasts- Podcasts let you blast out information without having to type it. Just record your thoughts and upload them to your website.
  • Videos – People love watching videos as a means of learning new information. Give the people what they want.
  • White papers – These long research documents are great for educating a large audience without advertising
  • Ebooks – Publishing an ebook is a great way to get a large amount of information to your audience in a way to shows your expertise on a subject. Try publishing your ebook on Kindle.
  • Online presentations – Keep your audience informed by placing slideshows on your website.   
  • Infographics – Infographics are used on many social media platforms to help audiences picture information visually.
  • Branded tools – Create a tool that your audience can use daily to remind them that you are out there.

All of your marketing efforts for your business and the different ways you communicate with people is all considered content. Content is your most important asset for your digital marketing efforts. That is why content is king.

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