If you run a business online, you probably already know how vital content marketing is to your organisation. The problem is, many of you are probably still not hitting that ROI (return on investment) goal the way you’d like to. Here are some common errors you are most likely still committing for content marketing, and some solutions for getting the numbers you want.

Content Marketing Applies to All Businesses

Your brand doesn’t have to be nationwide or global to reap the rewards of good content marketing. You are always in the process of establishing a relationship through content with every potential client. The more quality content a potential client views, and the more frequently they visit your site based on that social media connection, the more likely they are to buy products and services from you.

We Know What People Say About Assume

Don’t assume that you know your target audience for your content. If you are posting massive content updates, but failing to see your engagement or sales numbers rise, you need to step back, re-evaluate, and re-target. Look at what your analytics for site visitors are saying, and avoid “following your instincts” when it comes to planning out content for your marketing campaign. You have to treat today’s users like individuals by paying attention to what they search for and writing content that caters to their typical searches.

SEO Matters

In the world of online marketing, Google is still king. To get found, you must optimise your site for maximum search rank. Failure to do so means you are not in the top results, you are not gaining clicks, and so you are letting sales and clients sail right past your site. Be smart about your SEO, and get it done.

Lone Wolves Starve

You don’t have to be the only content producer for your site. There are numerous agencies and freelancers that can help you keep quality content coming for very reasonable prices. Be smart, and hire out some content work.

Videos are Content, Too

Video content also drives up your search rank if it is SEO when it is posted. Many consumers are more likely to view content in video form rather than take the time to skim and scan text-based information online. Use this to your advantage, and start running some quality video content targeted toward your primary audience, and start getting those ROI numbers up.

If you’re struggling to find the time to produce quality, SEO friendly content for your business, get in touch with the good people at Grow Digital Marketing and find out how they can help make your potential clients keep coming back for more.