Companies are using customer service on social media more than ever before–in fact, the number is expected to go up to 80% by the end of 2016. This increase makes sense because organisations using social media for customer service rose 400% between 2010 and 2014.

Social customer service is no longer a bonus. Now, it is a requirement for users. Phone and email service are quickly becoming a thing of the past because customers are used to the quick, time-saving interactions on the Internet.

If we look at the numbers, 42% of users want a response from a company within an hour. A whopping 32% of users expect a social response within a half hour. Those times can be difficult for companies to hit, but the reward is definitely worth it. Users who have service requests answered quickly on social media will likely spend 20-40% more money with that given company.

Social media platforms are beginning to mould to this type of use through their platforms. Facebook changed their features in the past year just to meet the demand. The new “responsiveness badges” show consumers how long it will take for a company to respond to messages, while the ability to send out “away messages” tells customers when they should not expect an immediate response. Direct messaging with customers allows companies to see past the common interactions people have with its page. These kinds of features aid administrators to provide more timely customer service.

So, if you’re trying to implement great customer service on your brand’s social channels, here are some suggestions:

  • Scour keywords that have to do with your brand–this will keep you in the conversation and identify users who might not be aware of your brand’s pages.
  • Ensure a quick response. This is probably the most important aspect. Make sure your team knows how to respond to customers and how to do it in a timely manner.
  • Create an emergency plan–some kind of procedure for when something big happens. Your team needs to know who to alert and what to do first when something comes up.
  • Make a FAQ section so that way common questions can be saved. This will leave both your customers and your team the least bit frustrated.

When it comes down to it, providing great customer service is what will keep your customers loyal. This will also increase positive talk about your company.

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