One of the most engaging forms of digital marketing today is video marketing. People are accustomed to watching content that they love to watch, share and engage with. It just feels so much more personal that text or other forms of content often used in content marketing. Usually, seeing someone’s actual face or being able to see real step by step instructions needed to accomplish something is accomplished much better with video. It’s almost as good as being there!

Here’s how to make the most of content marketing with video.

Teach something

Use your videos to teach something and help the audience solve a problem. People will be hooked because they will want to see the outcome of the video.

Start a YouTube Channel

People go on YouTube all the time and search for various content, so why not create a channel? You’ll probably get some hits!

Optimise your videos

Create some great titles to attract your viewers. Make your content something that your audience really wants to watch. Include links to your website and brand your video with your logo so people know what they are watching. This never fails!

Answer questions

A video is a great way to answer a question because it makes the answer personal. You can the place the video on social media so everyone can see the question that you answered.

Educate your audience

You can make videos that specifically take a look at certain topics. You can make certain points with your videos that your audience will appreciate.

Review Products

A great way to use video in marketing is to compare products with each other and review them. People like seeing how products work. A video is a great way to do that.

Conduct Demonstrations

Since people can see how anything works online you can demonstrate an appliance, a game, a car, machine or anything where visuals help to show how it works.

Grow Your List

Don’t forget to link to your website and newsletter via the videos. Ask your audience to subscribe to your newsletter to get updates about your business or just to find out about more videos.

You can use videos to debunk myths, tell your story, share case studies, and so much more!

If you’re struggling with creating video content or simply can’t find the time, get in touch with Grow Digital Marketing to find out how our experts can help you!