E-Commerce is a booming business. Look at the success of online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay and even local New Zealand online sites like MightyApe and Trademe. With people wanting a convenient way to shop, when they want to shop, E-Commerce is a great way to sell your product without needing people to come to your physical shop front. It’ll also catch all those late night browsers, creating more sales for your business when you’re enjoying play time.

Creating an E-Commerce website is the first step and this is were psychology comes into place. There are many factors to an online store that can influence a potential customers decision, things like design, its mobile friendly approach, as 70% of online customers are using mobile to search for prices, testimonials and other factors that will fully alter a customers decision. The folks over at BargainFox put together an infographic looking at the main areas on an E-commerce site and their influence over customers. Check it out, there are some interesting stats to keep hold of.

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