Starting an online business is a great opportunity to profit from society’s continued move into the digital age. More and more income from businesses will come from online sales rather than physical storefronts. However, you’re probably not the only one trying to reach your target audience. There are many others also making noise online.

We’re sure you’ve seen it – things like individuals and businesses using Facebook ads claiming they are “experts” who will help you achieve incredibly unrealistic results. Don’t be just another business making senseless noise online, and build a successful online business despite having many competitors. A big part of that is by avoiding big mistakes at the beginning.

You may not even realise you’re making these four rookie errors, but they could be preventing your business from growing and achieving the results you want.

1. Giving Your Time And Energy To “Busy Work”

When you consider starting or moving to an online business, the first things you probably feel the need to focus on are what can be considered “busy work.” Things like constantly tweaking or adding to your website, focusing too much on social media marketing, and getting a little too caught up in your stats and analytics are all busy work items that could be taking up too much of your time. While spending some time on these items is necessary to build your online business, they shouldn’t be your primary focus. Using a tool like the Grow Digital Marketing | App brings all this information into one place and using our social team to create content and post on your behalf means less temptation to get stuck with “busy work”.

When it comes down to it, what is the point of an online business if you have no audience? The answer is that there is not much of a point. Focus most of your efforts towards building a loyal and engaged audience online. No matter how beautiful your website is, it’s useless if no one visits it, and you won’t see profits from it. Direct your energy towards building an audience and worry a little less about the busy work.

2. Focusing On The Flavor Of The Month

Do you remember when MySpace was the king of social media? Are you wondering if Vine is still popular, or if your business should be on SnapChat? The point is, whatever is trending now as the hottest tools for companies to use probably won’t be in a few months time. Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to know what the next big thing is, but it’s a given that there will be something new touted as a must-use strategy for your company.

Instead of wasting time and money constantly chasing the newest trends, understand what will and won’t help you where you are right now in your business growing efforts. What is right for you might not be the most popular, but if it works and is helping you grow and increase profits, then it’s what you should be using.

3. Taking A “Just Wing It” Strategy To Content And Promotions

Don’t decide your content based on what’s at the top of your head that morning or what is popular that week. Determine what promotions you’ll be having, then develop your content around that. You’ll want to show your leads that what you’re offering has value and answer potential questions with your content so they’ll be compelled to buy into the promotion.

This can be as simple as deciding to offer a weight-loss course in May and using the month of April to provide helpful advice and tips to your leads. Then, let them know that they can get even more help from the full course. You’ve given them content that helps them and led them right to the promotion, in this case, a weight-loss course.

4. Pursuing The Wrong People

If you’re starting an online business, it’s a good idea to join Facebook groups that contain people who would be interested in what you have to offer. However, this isn’t so you can throw sales offers in their face. You should use these groups as a way to get to know and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Cold pitches in any form are typically not well-received.

Just as you wouldn’t waste your time delivering cold pitches to your potential audience, don’t waste your marketing efforts going after people who have no interest in what you have to offer. Stick to where your audience is, but don’t limit yourself. If you know a major publication that your target audience reads, try to get exposure there instead of sticking to the small niches that your competitors already are.

Make an effort to be conscientious about how you are spending your time while getting your online business started. You may be able to recuperate lost money, but your time is one resource you can’t get back, so use it wisely. Don’t be a part of the white noise online – make a real effort to connect with your audience and show that you are different, and you’ll be proud of the business you build.

Speak to one of the Grow Digital Marketing team to find out how to take back some of your time with the Grow Digital Marketing | App. Let it do the “busy work” and help drive your business to success.