Facebook is a vast beast, strapping itself to the social lives of millions of people around the world. As a consumer product it is only rivalled in daily popularity by one other brand – Coke. Down here in New Zealand, our usage rate is very high.2.9 million New Zealanders have an active account – checking it around 14 times per day.We can help you tap into this audience.

Page Like Campaign

Increase your Facebook community and build customer advocacy. With a bigger community, your posts will reach more people and you’ll get better engagement.

Clicks to Website Campaign

Target an audience outside of your community based on your existing customer profile and their interests. You can advertise products, promotions or offers to people who are interested in businesses like yours.

Video Ad Campaign

More New Zealanders use Facebook every day than watch TV. Video content lets you tell your brand story, increase your community and drive traffic to your site, and has been shown to significantly increase conversions.

Our Clients