People first recognise a brand, and develop an opinion about it, after being advertised to or contacted by it for the first time. To ensure this experience is a positive one for the consumer, it is essential that you achieve the right tone of voice for your brand. To do so successfully, simply follow these 6 simple, but important steps:

1. Define Your Brand’s Voice

Before anything else, you must decide the tone of voice you want your company to hold. It is important that your brand holds a consistent tone in your advertising and customer outreach, whether it be lighthearted or serious in tone. By communicating in a consistent manner, your brand will have a much stronger presence in consumers’ minds.

2. Question Your Audience

To determine what sort of content and advertising your consumer base will appreciate the most, simply ask them. By connecting with your audience in this manner, you can ensure your advertising dollars are put to good use, and your analytics will benefit immensely.

3. Discuss Strategy with the Business

If you are helping a business develop their brand’s tone, you have to consult them before making any major decisions. While you will not need to consult every person in the company to find a middle ground that will work, you will definitely need to run ideas by all top players.

4. Overdoing vs. Undergoing

Ideally, you should never over or under-do any of your customer outreach. By finding a middle ground in your brand’s tone, you will more comfortably communicate with an audience. After all, nobody likes to feel coerced when being advertised to.

5. Make a Style Guide

Style guides are essential to helping form a successful branding strategy. Before you can tackle everything else in this guide, the tone of voice for the brand must be found. Afterward, you can begin creating style guides for everything from how social media posts are handled, to future discounts a company may offer to consumers.

6. Finally, Stay Natural, but Personable

It can be useful to think of a brand’s tone of voice in the same way you would consider an individual’s personality. By keeping your brand’s communication both natural and personable, people will be more drawn toward your products/services. People want to be advertised to in a comfortable manner, and approaching it this way will help ensure your consumer audience feels at ease.