Up until now, content that dominates the social media world primarily consists of articles or blog posts that you create. You may also hire a content writing company to generate content for your industry. The rising trend in the content world is slowly shifting towards videos. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing and evolving to accommodate this new content format.

YouTube remains the number one social media outlet to post video content with engagement rates so high many of the videos earn the ranking of ‘viral video’. A viral video refers to any video that someone posts online and receive popularity through social media and website interaction. The more engagement a video receives, the higher its ranking rises until it becomes an internet sensation. YouTube is home to many of these types of videos with many of the creator’s jump-starting careers based upon a video having gone viral.

It is easy to see the importance that video content is playing in the marketing world. You only need an idea to create content of value for your audience and a simple video camera. These five steps will help you start producing great content your audience will love.

Step One – Identify Your Medium

Before you can begin filming, you need to have an idea of what type of video you want to make. Think about the message you wish to share with your audience. Here are some ideas to help you start.

Pick someone in your company that contributes value to your product or service and ask her questions about your business, your industry and your customers.


Have a conversation with your audience as if you were all sitting in the same room right now talking to one another. Share what made you want to do business in your particular industry. Answer customer questions that come in through your various contact channels. Give insight into a new product or service you are getting ready to unveil.


Pick a product on your product line and show your customers how to use it. Give ideas on additional ways it can be utilised or show hidden features that the clients may not know exist within a product.

Funny Sketch

Your audience loves to laugh. What better way to make this happen than by pranking someone in your office. Join your office staff in lip-synching a popular song or reenacting an entertaining story making headlines.

These are just a few suggestions on the medium format your video can showcase. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how you chose to present video content to your audience.

Step Two – The Script

Every great video needs to have valuable content, and you need an idea of what to say. In most cases, you can draft a basic outline or make notecards on what to say. Interviews will flow smoother when you have questions written out. Other formats such as comedy sketches and monologues may need very little written out beforehand.

The detail of the script you create also depends on your personal comfort level. You already have an established connection with your audience so you may feel comfortable talking without planning much of your conversation out first.

Step Three – Practice

It is always a good idea to practice before hitting the ‘record’ button. The training will help you become familiar with the content, and you will have the chance to fix anything that doesn’t sound right. You will also have an opportunity to add anything you have forgotten by accident.

Step Four – Record

Put aside any concern about needing fancy video equipment for this step. Your smartphone video camera is more than adequate to record your video content. Additional equipment such as a tripod or the assistance of another person in your office may come in handy during the recording process as well.

Step Five – Share

It’s now time to share your video content with your target market audience. Your distribution channels can include social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or creating a YouTube channel. You can send the video content out to your email subscribers and post it on your blog.

As you audience begins to interact with your video content, make sure you respond to their comments. Take note of any constructive criticism that viewers offer and suggestions for future videos they may provide. Remember that this is a new form of content delivery for you. So there may be a learning curve involved with your first few videos. You are well on your way towards connecting with your target audience on a whole new level now.

If you are struggling coming up with new video content or pressed for time on putting a video together, contact us below to let our team of video experts help today!