As just about any business owner knows, mobile apps and services are incredibly popular in the world today, and there’s no bigger mobile company than Google. Most businesses try and pay attention to Google and use it to advertise, but as time goes on, a new app from Google is taking centre stage, Google Maps. Google Maps has more than one billion users currently and has couple billion location-based searches as well. In response to the changing trend of people searching for places in the here and now, Google has realised a new generation of local search ads, and the following are some of the key points that local businesses should pay attention to.

Responsive Display Ads

For the longest time, you had to create all of your ads in several different formats in order to make sure it displayed appropriately wherever it was shown, which can take a lot of time no matter what your business specialises in. Luckily, Google is now going to handle the design process and create responsive display ads for you! You’ll now be able to send Google an image, URL or other data and they will create the responsive display ad.

Device Bidding

As the process stands now, a bidder is not able to bid separately on tablets, as they are grouped together with desktop and mobile to help simplify the bidding process. However, with the new changes announced, biggers will now be able to bid individually on desktop, tablet and mobile, which provides the bidder with much more flexibility and the chance to choose specific environments for bidding.

Local Search Ads

The local search ads feature has been updated across all Google platforms, including and Google Maps, as it now makes it easier for business owners to highlight where their stores or offices may be. As mentioned earlier, Google Maps is becoming increasingly popular for Google and it is used almost as often as Google.

No matter what strategy you choose to implement digitally, you should do everything in your power to keep Google as a big part of your digital strategy, and Google Maps is a great place to start. It’s more advanced than ever and they’re giving you more resources, so take advantage of what Google is offering and use the new mobile trends.

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