Lunch time. The time to chow down on that salad sandwich you made the night before and then not realise you’ve spilt mustard on your white shirt until Ben from accounts politely┬áinforms you that you have. Thanks, Ben.

But lunchtime is more than a break for eating, it’s time to recharge that hard working brain of yours. And, this is why making the most of your lunch break is so important.

But some people don’t take breaks at all,

Some people just wolf down what they do have in 60 seconds,

But sometimes people overlook the importance of lunch because they had a healthy/large breakfast and dinner is only around the corner. Well, forget food for a second, taking a solid lunch break will increase your creativity and productivity, reduce stress and improve collaboration.

So rather than skipping your well-deserved break, take advantage of this time. There’s only one outcome that can come from this and that’s that it will benefit you. So sit down with a colleague and socialise,


or you could take a quick power nap, get up and move around or call that special someone in your life. There are multiple ways you can recharge your brain and prepare for the rest of the day.

So we found a great infographic to help you get the most out of your break. Check out‘s infographic below for how and what you can do during this vital time of the day.


We now hope you think twice before you skip your next lunch break and if you don’t because of this article, well,