In any business, brand is what sets a company apart. It is an intangible asset built by consistent effort over time. Most owners spend a significant amount of time establishing their brand through hard work, quality products, and excellent customer service. All too often though, owners neglect a key component of expanding their brand presence: social media. Either through lack of know-how or lack of available time, many owners let their brand presence on social media fall by the wayside. Here are some ways any business can make theirs social media savvy with a minimum of effort.

1. Hire an Expert

Two of the most difficult tendencies to overcome as a business owner are micro-management and failing to delegate work to people with more experience or skill. If an owner wants to control brand directly and the lead the way in driving revenue and sales, that is all well and good. Sacrificing time for oneself and time that could be better spent building the business, however, may not be the best option. Hiring an expert consultant or company to promote your brand may actually be the most cost effective option. It takes time and effort to create a brand via social media, so employing someone with experience is always going to be the smart move.

2. Work With What is Out There

For the hands-on approach to managing a brand’s social media presence, an owner can always create and manage accounts online themselves. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like all offer options for any business to represent itself online for free. Getting started requires only basic identifying information, and there is nothing to lose in putting social media management through a trial process when determining how best to implement it for any business.

3. It’s All About the Brand

The first and most difficult challenge will be making your company known on social media. Every customer who searches for your company or companies like it needs to see your presence online. Linking to social media sites on the company website or page is absolutely essential. Furthermore, owners and sales representatives should always be prepared to discuss social media presence, and it should be on everything the company publishes, from newsletter ads to business cards.

4. Establish a Presence on All Social Media

Facebook and Twitter may be the 800-lb. gorillas of social media, but they are not the only social media sites in existence. There are new social networks vying for attention and followers every day, and no company is ever too present online. Every network, no matter how small, represents an unreached demographic for your business, so try to have a social media presence in as many places as possible. There can be unexpected perks to placing a business on multiple social media sites. For example, establishing a presence with Google+ can bump a company’s results standing in first hits when customers make local searches for goods and services on Google.

5. Quality Counts More Than Quantity

Posting content for the sake of content is not a smart move when establishing a brand on social media. Customers tend to reject overreaching posts that pop constantly as spam and swipe left on or mute the source of those posts quickly. Take time to build better content for social media presence. Keeping track of what posts are viewed when is crucial, as well as which posts lead to clicks and visits. These statistics and analytics help businesses target their marketing to what drives consumers to explore their brand in depth. Great content that is tailored to what customers look forward to and enjoy viewing is what will establish any social media brand presence in the long run. Give some thought to those factors before posting.

6. Directories Matter

Depending what definition is applied, there are close to twenty-five million directory listed small business in the United States today. These online directories are not, strictly speaking, social media; however, they are a significant online presence that consumers use daily to access information regarding providers of goods and services. A smart business owner should dedicate some of their resources for marketing and advertising to directory listing. Best of all, directory listings are inexpensive in terms of annual cost, and in terms of reducing the cost of acquisition per customer. Lower cost means greater profit from revenue, and any option for building a brand while boosting profits is a great option.

7. Get to Work!

The sooner a business starts establishing their social media presence, the sooner that media presence will start earning. Every day that a business is not present on social media is a day that business is losing money. Whatever reticence there may be within an organisation to branch out to social media, there are for more opportunities and benefits to social media presence than there are drawbacks. Be smart about implementation, and smart companies always establish a continuity between their bricks and mortar brand and their social media presence. Get to work, get savvy to social media,  and start using your social media resources to earn for your business now.

If you’re stuck, not seeing results, or you can’t find the time to invest in social media, then get in touch with the experts at Grow Digital Marketing. Together, we can find out how we can grow your business through social media.