Marketing has changed so much over the years. Ten years ago, people went to one or maybe two websites when researching or looking for a specific product and then based their decision on the information they found. But today, there is endless information available on the Internet. The purchasing power is in the customer’s hands more than ever before, as there is basically limitless data, customers reviews, and countless vendors available online.

Today, customers are able to view products without ever contacting the company who makes it. This makes sales and outreach more difficult for companies in general, because, how do you sell something to a customer that already knows everything about a product? This is why marketing to customers is more difficult than ever before. Traditional strategies, like cold calls and emails, snail mail, and trade shows, really don’t have much of an impact anymore. The good news is that there’s a whole new set of strategies that marketers can use to gain the attention of customers. Here are a few elements of that strategy.

  1. Provide value.
    Don’t focus on making the sale right away. Instead, focus on the value of what you’re trying to sell. Customers don’t have long attention spans, so it’s important to add as much value to your sales pitch as possible. For example, maybe include a free item with your product, or maybe introduce it to customers in a funny or insightful way. Do something that will stand out and will make people see the value in what you have to offer.
  2. ┬áIt’s all about content.
    To be seen in a huge crowd of other products and companies, be unique. Stand out. Captivate your audience and be genuine. Engage your customers with content on social media that they will see on a daily basis. This will keep you in the backs of their minds as they are thinking about a purchasing decision.
  3. Use multiple ways of advertisement.
    These days, people are doing a million things at once. They are connected to many different networks and channels. Advertise to them using all of the resources that are out there. Use sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to appeal to them and what they’re looking for.

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