Pinterest recently opened its Promoted Pins platform to smaller businesses, which means that they can now target their ads for specific venues and attract consumers at a much deeper level. They also can collect data and audience insights that used to be off-limits.

Pinterest has always been popular as a social media tool, but now that it is growing as a business strategy, there is a whole new level to this website. It’s something that we can’t ignore, and we shouldn’t!

This new capacity to analyze return on investment makes Pinterest a serious marketing tool that small businesses should definitely take advantage of. If you have a small business and haven’t looked into this new feature, sign up for a Pinterest for Business account and activate a Promoted Pins campaign as soon as possible!

To make the most of your Pinterest marketing efforts, you should keep these tips in mind:

Optimize Pins

This is a very important factor in boosting your Pinterest for Business presence and gaining what you desire from the platform. Optimizing your pins is essential to creating an online presence on Pinterest. There are a few simple steps to follow in order to successfully do this.

First of all, you can try different-sized pins. Conventional wisdom shows that tall pins that are portrait-oriented are the most popular, but the guidelines for specific measurements are really vague. It’s a good idea to try different-sized pins on your audience to see which ones they like the most. But, keep in mind that the 2:3 aspect ratio should still be used when you try out different options.

Secondly, use your words. Pinterest is known as a visual platform, but that’s not all that it can be. When an image is captivating, the person seeing it will most likely read the accompanying caption. The viewer is actively searching for information about what is in the image, so it’s really important to thoughtfully craft and include everything you want the consumer to know. This is the perfect opportunity for you to hook them, which can lead to repinning, looking at your Pinterest account, and investigating your website for further details. This is a huge turning point in viewer engagement, so don’t let it slip past you!

Lastly, don’t forget to inspire people to act. Having a visually appealing image is one thing, but it’s also really important to have a call to action with your image description. This will motivate viewers to go from passive to active in their search. For example, asking a user to “Discover your new Autumn style” or “Wow your guests with a great lunch” shows them what they’re looking for. It basically takes the decision-making process of their consumer’s hands and puts it into yours. Directing the conversation about your content will increase your chances of engaging the right kinds of people for your product, instead of leaving it all up to the consumer, who might interpret your pins in a way you didn’t intend. Overall, pins with call to actions actually have an 80% increase in engagement over pins that don’t. So, including them is a step towards being successful.

Create How-To Pins

How-to pins were designed to give the viewer a new perspective of the steps that are needed to complete a project. These pins encourage viewers to linger and consider the idea for a longer period of time than they normally would for a single-image pin. The breakdown of these steps shows what is required and encourages people to pin it to one of their boards.

Try cinematic video pins

Using this feature in your Pinterest business account is very likely to drive more engagement from the people that follow you. You will also get more repins that basic single-imagine pins, and you will create a broader audience.

These pins don’t have to be DIY, but it would be a good idea to have them show the steps associated with your product or service from start to finish. For example, show a follower how a room renovation goes from before and after. This kind of visual journey will captivate the audience and build on credibility in the marketplace.

With all of these new aspects in the business world, it’s hard to not see Pinterest as a profitable and important social media outlet. You should take the leap and take advantage of this great new business strategy! Use Pinterest to bring you to the success you desire.

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