In today’s business environment, most businesses recognise the need for an effective digital advertising strategy.  Ninety-two percent of small to mid-size businesses will spend more on digital advertising in 2016 than they did last year.  Why?  Because it works.  

As an owner of a small to mid-sized business, are you maximising the potential of digital marketing?  Probably not.  Many businesses are turning to digital experts or advertising firms to help them get the most out of digital advertising.  Here are the top three reasons businesses choose to hire an expert:

1. No Time

Every small business owner has a shortage of time.  The never ending phone calls, walk-ins, meetings, and orders seem to eat up the day before you can accomplish any other tasks.  Day-to-day activities always seem to take priority, as they probably should.  But that means that most owners neglect important marketing and strategic activities that can further their growth.  Many owners have recognised this problem and have hired an expert or agency to handle their digital advertising needs.

2. Cost

The number one reason most businesses handle their own digital advertising is cost.  Many owners are reluctant to hire a digital marketing firm because it will increase their marketing budget.  While this may be true, the increased cost is often offset substantially by the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  Experts can help your business target an audience that is receptive to your product, which translates into higher conversion rates and a lower advertising cost per sale.  In short, a small increase in marketing costs can easily translate into a large increase in sales.

3. Expertise

Every small to mid-sized business has limits on staff and resources.  The odds that you have a digital advertising expert in-house are small.  While you can train people in-house to handle your digital advertising, they will never be as effective as an expert.  Experts are constantly aware of trends, such as the shift from desktop to mobile platforms.  They also closely monitor digital advertising platforms like Google, who changes the game regularly with updates.  Following these updates allows digital advertising experts to maximise your business’ effectiveness in keyword performance and search engine optimization.  You in-house employee will never be able to do this.

As more businesses shift their marketing dollars from traditional channels to digital advertising, it’s becoming more important for small to mid-sized businesses to do the same.  While many business owners are resistant at first, it is clear that hiring a digital advertising expert is a cost-effective way to maximise your business’ marketing dollars.  If any of these reasons apply to you, contact Grow Digital Marketing to see how we can take care of your digital advertising needs.  Call today!  It’s what we do.