What is Remarketing?

A lot of customers will come to your website and leave without making a purchase or filling out an inquiry form. This is where this handy little feature can help. Remarketing allows you to place a targeted ad in front of an audience that have previously visited your website while they browse the web. They can show up on a website that has accepted Google Remarketing in an image or text form. Execute this the right way and it can be an extremely powerful tool that can increase brand awareness and sales.

How Does It Work?

Getting down to technicalities, remarketing works by placing Cookies on your websites visitor machine when they meet your criteria. From here you can have a range of lists with certain criteria’s so that you can target people who have been to a certain area of your website. For example, you may wish to target someone who went to a page that had an inquiry form on it. This could then potentially lead to a new customer!

Anything Else I Should Know?

There is a small detail that you should be aware of before you jump in head first. To get your remarketing campaign active it has to reach a starting point of 100 cookie ID’s. But this is easily reachable and even more so with the combination of Google AdWords.

Now for this to work and to be successful, it pays to know what your visitors are looking for and that your ad is highly relevant to this. Also, your ad should make the customer want to click on it and come back to your website, don’t make some dull, boring ad, make it stand out. Whether that’s through an appealing visual or some kind of special offer. Be creative.

So thinking of adding Remarketing to your campaign now? Get in touch with Grow Digital Marketing to find out how we can help.