Running a business online is tough. You need a whole host of skills that very likely you weren’t taught in school, and that you didn’t learn in a college or vocational program. A great deal of knowledge about running an online business usually results as a matter of learning the hard way. The good news is that there are five skills to master that will let you skip the hard way and move right on to making your online business both lucrative and successful. Here’s the rundown for those new to the game:

1. Technical Skills 

Even the most skilled of computer users will find their skills sorely tested running a business online. The initial setup for a website is the simple matter of getting your domain name registered and choosing the right hosting plan. Then comes the hard part: How do you customise templates for your site? If you get hacked, how will you bring your site back online as quickly as possible? What about custom scripts to fix columns in a MySQL database? Need a custom application? Hope you can code. These are just a few of the many technical aspects that are all part of running a website.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Organic searches on major search engines are the primary source of traffic on any website. Keyword research, creating content optimised for search engines, and constantly monitoring and adjusting your site to boost SEO. Moreover, keyword search is only the beginning, You need to get familiar with Page Authority and Domain Authority, backlink building, responsive design, load times, clean code, and a whole slew of other analytics concepts. Above all, you need to be focused on your ranked content in searches, especially with the vast number of technical aspects in the ever-shifting world of SEO.

3. Content Generation

If you can create high-quality, value-add and SEO content, you are well on your way to driving a successful business online. It is a lucid fact that content drives traffic, develops a relationship of trust with potential clients, and attracts new business from lead generation. That leaves the task of composition to eat away your time. Make an editorial calendar, maintain a consistent publishing schedule, and create content targeted to answer the questions and meet the needs of your target market. The better the content, the better your credibility with site visitors, and consumers trust organisations that provide content they value. Finally, make sure you also have strategies in place to sign visitors up for a mailing list.

4. Niche Expertise

Being knowledgeable about the specific business you are developing is key to building a successful business. If you aren’t an expert in your field of business, you need a new strategy and a new topic. To build credibility with your target market, you will need to demonstrate that you are an expert with experience in your field. You don’t have to be an expert’s expert for your business, but you do need to be a willing and dedicated student.  Furthermore, if you are passionate about an endeavour, you will be more likely to persevere until you see it come to fruition. Ultimately, expertise supported by motivation and interest is what will help you develop your authority as an expert in your chosen niche.

5. Paid Advertising

Content may be the primary driver of traffic, but paid traffic is also immeasurably valuable to your business. Advertising platforms often showcase extensive targeting and filtering options that let you reach those target customers. They also allow you to test the effectiveness of your landing pages and both product and service offerings. Keep in mind, however, that advertising is in no way a fire-and-forget product. It can be very difficult to create strong ads with little ad experience. Moreover, conversion optimisation becomes vital when you are essentially paying for potential customers. While you can determine a lot about advertising through trial-and-error, every failed attempt is money misspent. If you unsure about your ad provider, or you have a limited budget for advertising, you will need to do one of two things: learn to advertise or hire an ad expert. All in all, paid advertising is about creating effective campaigns, either through Google or Facebook.

Running an online business requires a lot of skill sets, no matter what business field you choose,  Multitasking is going to be key to success, and you need to learn to prioritise. Establish systems that delegate low-priority work as you boost revenue to the point that you can afford to bring on new hires. Now, if this is sounding too difficult for you or finding the time to fine tune this all can be difficult so get in touch with the experts at Grow Digital Marketing and find out how we can help you! We have teams dedicated to all of the above.