Some business owners and marketers refrain from using social media because they don’t think it’s important. However, that is absolutely not the case. Social media is actually one of the most important aspects in the business world.

Social media has the ability to make people act in very specific ways. When content is shared on forums like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, large numbers of people will see it as they are scrolling down their newsfeeds. They will most likely see a product that is based upon their likings because most things people like or follow show up on their newsfeeds daily. Before they know it, people will go from carelessly scrolling, to buying a product and becoming a consumer.

Social media is not something that business owners can afford to overlook. In today’s world, some people are less likely to Google something to purchase than they are to go on Pinterest and find exactly what they are looking for. The power of social media is getting bigger by the day.

Sure, you could argue that business owners can’t make their customers use social media. But, that doesn’t mean that a business can’t influence the kinds of things a shopper connected to social media can find. This is why it’s so important to establish a presence on social media. If people know they can find special sales or coupons through social media, they will use it. Or, if they know they will only be able to find a product through a link on social media, there is no doubt they will try to find it. Once a customer buys something through social media, they are more likely to do it again. One bite is all you need to get them hooked.

According to the stats, 71% of customers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. 49% of people use Facebook to find a good restaurant, and 44% of potential clients say they look for recommendations on their favourite blogs before making a consumer decision. New mothers are 45% more likely than other women to look for recommendations on social media to find a baby product before they buy it. These are huge numbers!

If you are running a business, it’s very important to invest some time in social media, so you don’t miss out on gaining more customers. Take advantage of this growing tool and use what it has to offer.

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