As everyone knows this is the time of social media and it is becoming an increasingly powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored. You need to take care when using this as a marketing tool as there are two sides of it that you need to keep in mind in order to get anywhere. There is a creative side and a scientific side. By combining information from both these sides, you will develop social media marketing plans that have more success. You need to understand how and why something works, but also provide data to support decisions. This data will help you duplicate your findings and increase your chance of success.

Don’t Make Assumptions.
By guessing at what people want, you’re already at a disadvantage. You want to make sure to know what your audience wants before launching a full-scale social media campaign. There are so many ways to track metrics that there is no excuse not to use this data to make informed decisions.

Expect and Prepare to be Overloaded.
Many social media campaigns will fail, but you need to prepare to be successful as well! It’s impossible to predict how viral the campaign will be. You need to put consideration into how your content is being delivered, including load time. Remember to cache your site via mobile to avoid a user’s mobile device requesting the page multiple times and leading to the server crashing. If you want to be successful, you need to make sure to pay attention to the small details as well as the larger ones.

Track All Things.
You need to track where you’re gaining people from because this is the only way you’ll be able to tell what avenues were successful and which were not. There are a few ways you’ll want to track. These include through Google Analytics, Twitter Cards, Facebook and Google Tags. Another thing to keep in mind that most people overlook is something called Dark Social. This is a term used to describe the social media site traffic that comes in directly. This occurs when someone emails, texts or clicks on a click from an unsecured network. Because there are plenty of networks that are unsecured that people will use when they’re out and about, you want to keep in mind the traffic coming from this way. A lot of phones will roam to unsecured networks to keep connectivity up so the user may not even realize that this is happening.

In order to track traffic coming from Dark Social sources, you’re going to need to use link tracking tools such as URL builders and URL shorteners such as and Google URL Builder. These will show you which social media link has come in as direct traffic and then be able to separate it out.

Always A/B Test Your Campaigns.
You’re putting a lot of effort, time and resources into your social media campaigns so you’ll want to A/B test it as well. This will test the language, the audiences, the media and the delivery network. This is the best way to optimize the return on your campaigns.

In order to A/B test a campaign, you’re going to want to create three variations of images and three variations of copy. You then cross test each of the variations until one comes out as a clear winner. Once you know the winner, you want to investigate why it worked. Find out what viewers liked about it and what the audience connected with. Based on your findings from those answers, you can then use that information to optimize it again. Using a tool like Spokal will help with more advanced A/B testing tactics as well.

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