For centuries we have fuelled our thirst for current affairs from sources all around us and news has always followed the trends, implementing the most effective ways to deliver stories to the consumer in the most efficient way. People harking on the streets, buying newspapers from the local vendor, tuning into the radio, cramming the family around the T.V set, while we browse the web and catching the most up to date news on our phones when we’re on the go.

But what’s next? Surely we haven’t reached the end of journalism innovation. Well Nonny de la Peña doesn’t think so. She invests her time into immersive journalism. Recreating certain current affairs to give people a deeper experience, something that makes you feel like you were there and truly experience it. Thanks to virtual reality and a combination of traditional reporting, this is possible. The result is an evocative experience that de la Peña hopes will help people understand the news in a brand new way.

Check out her TED Talk below.

So what do you think? With all the current advancements with virtual reality being made, this doesn’t sound too far off being a mainstream method of receiving news.

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