Sun-kissed beaches, snowy mountain tops, immersive cultures. We all dream of having a vacation in a far off place, kicking off our shoes, putting up our feet and relaxing. Taking that hard earned time off that we slaved away for at our 9-5.

Now I’m sure that many of us would jump at the opportunity, if given, to take a holiday rather than work but the reality is that more people choose to stay put and work away. Studies show that around 40% of workers feel like they can’t justify their time off, but why? It’s your hard earned leave. A further 57% are still holding onto that unused vacation time at the end of the business year.

Now when was the last time you took a proper holiday and not that long weekend we all hold out for? Well, maybe it’s time you did. Check out the infographic below, brought to you by the good folks over at Expedia, and learn the importance of having vacation time and the affects it can have on your brain.


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