Are you a business owner or executive that’s been reluctant to use Google AdWords for your marketing? Well, you’re not alone, but more and more businesses are quickly realising that utilising the power of Google can be a great way to increase conversion numbers and sales dollars. There is a lot of misinformation in the business community concerning AdWords, and most of it is just untrue. These myths are so common that many consider them to be true even though they’re not. Here are the top three myths about Google AdWords that unfortunately convince many businesses not to use an AdWords campaign in their marketing strategy:


1. Nobody Clicks on Google Ads

When someone conducts a search on Google, the results are displayed with the Ads at the top of the list. While many people do scroll past the ads and click on the first result after them, the Ads definitely work. Every day, Google Ads get clicked about 50 million times.  At a cost of $1-2 per click, that makes Google around $100 million every single day. Since this is such a great revenue stream, Google is constantly striving to improve its ads to produce even better results. Clearly, people click on Google Ads, so using AdWords definitely, works.


2. My Competition Can Keep Clicking my ad and Cause me Financial Damage

This one sounds a little like paranoia, but it does happen. In highly competitive markets, some individuals may resort to extreme tactics to get an edge. Since each click costs the advertiser $1-2, the competitor reasons that they can just keep clicking the ad and the advertiser will have to pay Google a huge sum of money, possibly putting them out of business. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Google has sophisticated technology in place that allows advertisers to identify any bogus clicks. Advertisers receive regular reports that allow them to quickly identify any shady activity. If anything seems wrong, businesses can contact Google who will launch an investigation and issue refunds for every bad click. Advertisers are perfectly safe using AdWords.


3. AdWords is an Outbound Marketing Strategy, Like Paying for Traditional Advertising

Most people think quite incorrectly that you pay AdWords ahead of time to place your advertisement, similar to paying for a billboard. This just isn’t how it works. When you start an AdWords campaign, it’s in Google’s best interest to have your ad rank high in the search results and generate more clicks, because it makes them more money. They also try to target customers who are primed and ready to buy your product. AdWords is an Inbound marketing strategy, and you pay for each possible conversion. If your landing page is good, expect a strong conversion rate.

If you’ve been reluctant to use Google AdWords due to one of these myths or others, hopefully, your fears have been put to rest.  AdWords is one of the most effective internet marketing tools available, so every marketing strategy should include it.  Now that you know that the biggest myths around AdWords are false, get in touch with the team at Grow Digital Marketing to find out how our AdWords team can help you today!