Whether it’s a simple advertisement or a sit-down interview with your team, we want to keep it simple and easy for you to plan for your video content.

Our pricing packages have been designed to offer you complete transparency and full disclosure on everything included – no hidden costs!

We also specialise in custom packages for large corporate and not-for-profit needs – contact us today to get a quote.

Our Skills

  • Graphic Design
  • Presenting
  • Content / Script Writing
  • Digital / Traditional Marketing
  • Animation
Social Media
$499 per month
4 x 15 Second Videos Every Month
No Filming Required
Customized Stock Video Footage
1 Key Message Per Video
Licensed Music
Posted On Your Behalf On Your Social Media Channels
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Optional extra: We can boost all your posts to reach a HUGE audience for an additional $200 per month
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15 - 30 Second Video
1 Hour Filming
1 Hour Editing
1 Free Video Re-Edit*
2 Key Messages
1 Hour Travel Outside CBD
Licensed Music
Voiceover or Presenter
Graphics (Optional)
Facebook Marketing
Script Not Provided
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1 x 2-5 Minute Video
15 - 30 Second Video
2 Hours Filming
2 Hours Editing
1 Free Video Re-Edit*
2-5 Minute Video: 4+ Key Messages
30 Second Video: 2 Key Messages
1 Hour Travel Outside CBD
Licensed Music
Voiceover or Presenter
Graphics (Optional)
Facebook Marketing
Script Assistance
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All prices exclude GST. * Excludes reshoots, additional edits $200

Next step

Let us know that you are keen to ahead and we will trigger the team!

Sign of enables us to:

  • Complete the flming brief(including purpose, theme, target audience, look and feel – our team will help, guide and recommend)
  • Schedule the flm crew and creative team
  • Send template scripts
  • Receive logos, brand guidelines and any imagery
  • Discuss music options with you

Before the shoot

  • Determine who you want in the video – most companies include their own staff
  • Ensure your staff are dressed as required (no stripes, dots or close checks)
  • Brief your team a few days in advance
  • Determine where and when you want to film (showcase busy popular times without impacting customers)
  • There are laws around drone footage – lets discuss prior to filming
  • Outdoor shoots require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation for inclement weather
  • Stylists and makeup artists are available at an extra charge
  • Ensure the brief is detailed enough to avoid a reshoot
  • Reshoots cost an additional $200
  • Booking

    Talk to our team about your needs – what kind of videos are you interested in creating? What are you looking to promote? We can work with you to identify your business needs and come up with creative solutions.

  • Filming

    Once you’ve made a booking with us, our film crew will arrive on the day and work closely with you and your team to get the footage we need.

  • Completion

    We will then edit the footage into videos for your business. Once you’ve checked it over, made any edits and signed off on it, we will then deliver the final videos to you.

  • Marketing

    Once you have video, what do you do with it? Our team have years of expertise in social media marketing and we will assist you with promoting your video online, targeting the right audiences for your business.

  • Results

    We will provide you with a comprehensive report of the video campaign results, helping you to ensure a successful return on investment.

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