Social media is an inexpensive way to reach your target market audience. By creating a social media network, you increase your brand visibility because each social media channel brings potential customers in touch with your company. You become readily available for current customers while earning new recognition from potential customers. Every post you make has the potential to prompt a potential customer to take action and that action could be visiting your website. That website visit could lead to a sale down the road.

One of the best social media channels for your company is Instagram. It is a hidden gem of social media activity for companies in that many opt not to use it. The common misconception of Instagram is that it only benefits businesses with products that they can photograph. In actuality it is an invaluable marketing tool that benefits any business. Here are a few reasons your business should be on Instagram.

1. Better Engagement

Instagram is a great way to capture the passion of your product line or service in a photo. The emotion behind the picture will carry through to what your followers see. They will then become emotionally invested in your business as well as become attached to the product. Later on, when they see it in a store, in a magazine advertisement or in another social media post, they will unconsciously think back to the time they first saw the photo on your Instagram page.

Another great engagement feature of Instagram is your ability to invite customers to share pictures of themselves using your products or services using hashtags you create. Engage with their participation by liking their photos and leaving comments about what exactly it is that you like about how they are putting your product or service to use. These casual exchanges between you and your customer base will encourage them to make future purchases because they already feel like they add value to your business.

2. Sneak Peak

Customers love knowing what comes next. Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Post pictures of your product in various stage of the creation process. Show what your desk looks like as you put one of your services together. Add a picture showing project team members hard at work at a career fair. Display the book cover of your next book that is publishing soon. Part of human nature is curiosity. Your customers want to know what goes on behind your closed doors. There is an interest level there because they value your company and the products or services that you offer. Giving them a tiny peek into what you are working on adds to the value they experience by being part of your organization.

3. Build A Personality

Instagram is the perfect opportunity for you to set the stage for how you want your customers to perceive your company. Image is everything and you need to establish the right one for your current clients and potential customers who may take a look at your page to gain a feel for how you do business.

There are a variety of options available when it comes to setting the right personality tone for your company. You can be a point of inspiration by posting motivational quotes. If your company centers around a particular cause, such as domestic violence, you can post statistics and helpline information so your customers know where to get help if they need it. You can also establish a causal personality by posting a funny image or tasteful jokes once in awhile. It will work to show that you can mix business with pleasure without sacrificing quality.

Building a company personality will also allow you to establish trust as you post images that reinforce your personality. Your customer will begin to see you as the company they can count on to always be there. More trust from customers equals more sales for you.

4. Stay Present

You can hold contests to promote your products or services. The prize can be a free product that you will be adding to your product line shortly or a discount off of a service you provide.

Promotional events that you will be attending or will be hosting make popular Instagram posts as well. You can post pictures of the preparation process including how your team prepares, any products or folders you will be handing out and items that go into gift bags for attendees. Post pictures from the activity of the event showcasing your company interacting with customers and potential customers on a more casual basis. Finally, you can post pictures of packing up the event and heading back to the office. These things keep you present in the mind of your customers when you are in between products or building a new service branch that you aren’t quite ready to share yet.

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