The only way to engage your target audience in 2016 is by pushing content on a regular basis on all of your social media channels and websites. When content is posted sporadically, you risk lower placement on the search engines which is why it is so important to be consistent. While many marketing firms advertise the importance of engaging your audience, it is way more crucial to post content continuously to reap the significant benefits that come with content marketing.

Marketing and branding firms have learned over the past decade that content is king and that it is the single most useful way to drive traffic to websites. Major corporations like Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and so many others have experienced the promising results that come with having a well-developed content marketing plan. How you plan and execute your content can bring in profitable results that will exceed the results of your efforts with traditional marketing methods.

Delivering consistent content seems to be one of the biggest challenges for individuals and small businesses who may not have the backing of a content marketing firm and only post when they have free time. Unfortunately, the “once in a blue moon” method of pushing out content can only drop your online presence to the bottom of the search engine optimisation list. Let’s review why that is.

1. Establishing Credibility and Authority Through Consistent Content

With more and more businesses realising the value that comes with a well-developed content marketing strategy, the competition is increasing online and in order to mark your presence, it is important that through content consistency you set yourself aside from the competition. The more consistent you are, the higher your credibility increases. Continuing a consistent pattern of publishing content will also help legitimise your business over time which helps you establish authority in your industry.

2. Building Brand Awareness

The way that audiences take in information has changed completely as technology continues to advance. People now have more channels and control of their media consumption, which is why successful brands realised they had to change their methods of communication with their target consumers. Marketing is no longer profitable using one-way communication when your goal is to connect with people and motive them to take actions. Instead, more companies are looking to social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram to communicate with their audience.

As stated by the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of organisations depend on this style of content marketing to build their brand. Successful marketing attracts users to share with other people on an ongoing basis, building brand awareness through their own trusted network of peers.

3. Engaging Your Audience

Developing creative and engaging content can be a struggle, but one that is worth it because it keeps your loyal customers engaged and that can generate an increase in revenue. Years ago, many corporations paid top dollar to acquire new clients and with content marketing, there are now less expensive alternatives to gaining new customers. It costs way less to keep your content consistent in both frequency and tone.

In order to create engaging content, your audience will have to want to come back for more. If your content is intriguing, they might even contribute to your post or feed by leaving a comment and sharing their opinion. Not producing content on a regular basis will hurt your character online which ultimately results in a loss of viewers.

4. Generating Leads

Technological advances have helped make it easier for companies to learn more about their consumer than ever seen before which is why more businesses are taking advantage of content marketing methods like:

-Email campaigns
-White Papers and

These excellent tools help businesses connect with their target audience effectively, and ultimately that attracts potential customers.

If you consistently post engaging content online, you have a greater chance to generate new leads than if you didn’t.

5. Improving SEO and Website Traffic

With physical and digital business spaces beginning to merge, online presence is key. Search engine optimisation has become more sophisticated and competitive than ever. Still, a few contributing elements remain the same.

A couple of the most vital factors that affect SEO are frequency and quality. For companies to gain power through content marketing, they must have both characteristics. Content consistency demonstrates to the search engines that a blog or website is well managed and that the information published on the site is valuable to specific search criteria.


Content marketing has become and will continue to be one of the most powerful techniques for brands to connect with their target audiences. However, now that more industries are developing their own content marketing initiatives, companies need to be more strategic about how they produce content. Consistency is the only element what will distinguish serious content marketing candidates from their competitors.

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