You’ve done the hard yards. You’ve set up your business, you bought the property, you hired the staff, stocked the shelves and everything is running smoothly. But after a while you get use to the daily routine of waking up, doing the 9-5, coming home, eating dinner and going to sleep. Rinse and repeat.┬áBut before long you start to flat line and before you know it, boom, every work day is a drag and you feel reluctant to do what you really want.

But what is stopping you from doing what it is you want ? Well, the answer is simple and it’s one word. FINE. Every response has this evil four lettered word. And to quote Mel Robbins “Here’s the deal with saying you’re fine: It’s actually genius. Because if you’re fine, you don’t have to do anything about it”

So the question is, if you’re fine, is your business doing fine and are you pushing the inner snooze button on growth? If you are then maybe it’s time to make that change. Now getting what you want is simple but note that I didn’t say it was easy.

So if this sounds familiar, maybe it’s for a change. So what we did was find a great TED Talk that could help you break those routines. Mel Robbins delivers a great talk on how you can make a change and basically stop screwing yourself over. Check it out below.