Do you have a website for your business that’s underperforming?  Well, what if I told you it’s not?  What many businesses are slowly starting to realise is that they need to take advantage of the traffic they’re already getting to improve their bottom line instead of seeking more traffic.  Traditional thinking is the more traffic you get, the more conversions you end up with.  But what if you could convert a higher percentage of the traffic you already have?  Let’s examine a few items you can fix to improve success using existing traffic volume.

Make sure it’s Mobile

The majority of website traffic is now mobile, so your website has to be mobile-friendly.  Picture the mindset of the viewer, who’s probably doing a quick search in between doing other things.  They want a site they can navigate quickly with one finger, or they’re gone.  Remember that since the infamous Mobilegeddon Google Update, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s not going to show up in search results, so your traffic volume is going to drop.  Just make sure it’s mobile.

Chat Plugin

Are you familiar with those chat boxes that pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of many web pages?  They usually ask if they can help you, so you can type in any questions you may have.  Research confirms that these chat plugins are a great way to answer a prospect’s questions when they’re not ready to send an email.  This moves them to the next step, which is conversion.  Just be sure that someone is available to field these questions at all times.


Just like any other business activity, it’s important to set goals for your website’s conversion numbers.  Utilise Google Analytics to set realistic goals and work to achieve them.  Always set goals to work towards and measure results.

Conversion Overlays

These are website plugins that create conversions in exchange for content.  If a user wants to view the content, all they need to do is provide their contact information, and you’ve got a new lead.  They may be slightly annoying, but they work.

Welcome Mats

Another variation of the overlay is the welcome mat.  As soon as a visitor enters your site, a large full-screen overlay pops up requesting contact information.  This may sound a little aggressive, but the data shows that welcome mats perform even better than traditional overlays.  Use both on your website to maximise your conversion numbers.

If this article has raised any questions about you and your website or you just need some more information, contact the marketing professionals at Grow Digital Marketing and see how they can help you increase your conversion rate today!